The Big Draw: Drawing with senses

Once again this year, Chillida Leku is joining in the celebration of The Big Draw, an international festival that has drawing as its central theme and which will last throughout the month of October.

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Celebrate The Big Draw with us, the international festival that celebrates drawing as a tool for learning, communicating and creating. This year's theme is "Drawing with the senses". This proposal is an invitation to reconnect with what surrounds us and to approach our environment with the 5 senses. If we observe carefully we will be more aware and new experiences will open up to us that we can transfer to paper through drawings. With sight we recognise shapes and colours, but there are other ways of "looking". We can explore the world with all our senses to awaken our creativity. This year the proposal is an invitation to observe in depth, to pay attention, not only to what surrounds us but also to what is inside us. 

Throughout the month of October Chillida Leku invites people to visit and draw in the museum.
Participation in the activity is free.




Throughout the month of October we encourage schools to come and draw at the museum and celebrate the Big Draw. 

This year's theme is "Drawing with senses", shifting the focus from the external to the internal to explore how we personally process the world and internalise our experiences through the senses. This year we invite you to explore the museum's sculptures with the five senses: touch, sight, sound, taste and smell, and then translate the sensations, emotions and experiences into creative works. Can we draw the feel of a sculpture? How do Chillida's sculptures sound? And if we draw the smell of the sculpture, what would it be like?

How can we take part?

Schools should apply to take part by sending an e-mail to the following address:



The Big Draw Day
Saturday 28th October


On Saturday 28 October we invite the whole community to come to the museum to enjoy drawing. Big, small, adults, young, alone, with family or friends, everyone is invited to draw and explore the museum with all your senses awake. Bring your paints, felt-tip pens or coloured pencils and come to Chillida Leku to celebrate the Big Draw.

Download our proposal for The Big Draw on our website and come to the museum to draw.

Share your drawing on Instagram using #ChillidaLekuBigDraw #HauserWirthBigDraw and mentioning the account @chillidaleku.

Chillida Leku

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